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Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Colonial Candle Fragrances - Yum!

Thank you to everyone who visited our Chicago digs - we're happy to report a strong market in the heartland!

We've covered some of our new home decor and spring/Easter collections, but now let's turn our attention to . . . candles! Under our Colonial Candle brand, we've introduced three new holiday and fall candle collections featuring eight new and exclusive fragrances, and two new gift candle accessory collections including Balsam Forest and Peppermint Swirl, just in time to boost fourth quarter sales.

Colonial’s eight new fall and holiday fragrances are inspired by Americans’ favorite scents of the season and holiday traditions. And all new fragranced candles are made in Colonial’s U.S. facility recognized for its green manufacturing. New fragrances include:

• Balsam Wreath: Notes of iced Douglas fir, spruce and rich balsam radiate with woodland sage, earthy thyme and a touch of fresh felled oak.

• Joyful Noel: A festive and elegant fragrance with the feel of glacial air and sparkling green freshness.

• Fireside: Enjoy the cozy allure of a fireside glow with warming accents of crackling woods, lush oakmoss, soothing violet and a touch of amber.

• Mountain Birch: Capture the silver birch blending coriander and cypress with fig tree leaves, vanilla and fresh woods.

• Caramel Apple: A delightful fall classic of crisp, juicy apple notes with drizzles of caramelized brown sugar, sweet smooth vanilla and a touch of maple.

• Crème Brulee: A tempting rendition of creamy eggnog blended with sweet vanilla custard, grated nutmeg, spicy clove and caramelized sugar.

• Warm Gingerbread: Holiday indulgence of warm spices and rich molasses infused with warm milk for a delightful and tempting aroma.

• Spiced Pumpkin: A delightful blend of creamy pumpkin swirled with spicy cinnamon, golden nutmeg, brown sugar, chestnuts and warm vanilla.

Is your mouth watering? :-) Good!

If you haven't had a chance to check out our new fragrances yet, give your Midwest-CBK account manager a shout and he or she can stop by with delicious-smelling samples for you to try. If you don't have an account manager yet, we invite you to call 800-394-4225 to request a visit.

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