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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Year Is It?

What year is it? This may sound like a crazy question to ask. Well, as Trend Manager here at Midwest-CBK, I can tell you it’s not. Check out the view from my desk – truly – this is organized!

After reading this blog post – you may find yourself asking “What year is it?” too.  November is a very busy month at Midwest-CBK – it’s when the seasons collide. You have to look deeper than just the approaching 2011 Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to see what I am talking about. We are at the peak of our business cycles, where three seasons of product development and design cycles converge. Picture this . . . our 2011 holiday and gift collections just hit the retail market and we are busy helping our specialty, gift and garden center retailers promote their Holiday Open Houses. At the same time – my ROCKSTAR marketing team just finished sending our 2012 Holiday, Halloween and Gift catalogs to the printer (almost like Vogue’s September issue we are at 625 pages). Yes, I said 2012 Holiday, Halloween and Gift. . . those collections hit the gift marts in January and we are busy preparing to showcase and present our new collections to retailers at showrooms across the country. Now, you may be thinking this doesn’t sound too complicated but here is where it gets tricky. . . layer on top of all that I just described - we are also busy looking at incoming product samples for Spring and Easter 2013 . . .2013!

So when you hear the question “what year is it?” from one of our staffers it sounds completely normal!