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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Daisy Do Display

If you can't make it to the Atlanta market, we'll bring it to you. Here's a quick snapshot of one of our most popular displays: Daisy Do! Daisy Do is a fun, new tabletop, kitchen and hostess gift collection featuring bright, bold colors and lots and lots of - you guessed it - daisies! We created the cutest kitchen display known to man (or woman) prominently featuring daisies (of course), along with a whimsical flower and utensils "chandelier." Our savvy visual display team used a grid suspended from the ceiling, added thin plastic cording to match and tied the utensils at different lengths. The daisies are simply crimped to form a hook and fastened right to the grid. It's a super simple way to create a look that demands attention. Happy pickin'!

Red Hot Display Idea in Hotlanta

Greetings from Hotlanta! As you may have read in yesterday's post, Red Hot is a new collection of clean, modern home decor all in red - very bold, very sleek. The color does all the work for us in this collection, and you can see from our Atlanta showroom display that pairing items all in one color palette can create a bold statement! We used a neutral background color - "Wild Asparagus" - and clean, white fixtures to set a stage for the boldness of the color statement, allowing the products to take center stage.

More to come from the market - stay tuned!